Two El Clasicos in a week! – Here’s a special quiz on the great rivalry!

The greatest rivalry in club football – with a double whammy this week! Two El Clasicos are taking place this week with Real Madrid hosting FC Barcelona first in the Copa del Rey tomorrow. This will be followed by a La Liga Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu.

With this marquee matchup happening in this week, here’s a special quiz for all you football fans! Play it and share your results with friends, family and of course, your rivals! PLAY ON!

After his controversial transfer to Real Madrid from FC Barcelona, a pig's head was thrown at him during an El Clasico in 2000. Which player are we talking about?

In which year did the first match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid take place?

This manager infamously poked whose eye and was duly banned for two games in the 2011-12 Super Copa Espana?

Amongst active players, who has appeared in the highest number of El Clasicos?

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