The ultimate Liverpool – Man Utd rivalry quiz! Do you know the Red Devils and the Scousers?

It is, arguably, the biggest rivalry in English football history. So big, that it became the great Sir Alex Ferguson’s mission to “knock Liverpool off their <censored> perch.”

As Manchester United host Liverpool at Old Trafford for a pivotal Premier League fixture, we at SportsQwizz have released a special quiz for you football fans. If you think you know all about the North West Derby, then play this quiz! Share your results with your friends and rival club fans 😉

This former Liverpool star was banned for eight games for racially abusing Patrice Evra in the 2011-12 Premier League season

This former Man Utd player was given a two-match ban by the FA for celebrating Rio Ferdinand's last minute-winner in front of the Liverpool fans in 2006

This former Man Utd player drew the ire of his own fans on publically requesting a transfer to Liverpool in 2007

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