Now You Can Play a Quiz App that is Really Made for Sports lovers

Did you know that Rafael Nadal is the only Spaniard to win the Australian Open?

Or that Dennis Bergkamp was called ‘the non-flying Dutchman’ due to his fear of flying?

The world of sports is unique in that it is thrilling and full of multiple facts at the same time. Where Virat Kohli scores a century, it is not just a century. It tends to be a century with some very interesting facts about it.

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Well, then what is a better way to know how much you know about your favorite sport(s) than by testing your knowledge through SportsQwizz, a sports quiz and trivia app for all sports lovers out there!

Cricket, football, tennis, basketball, golf and more. You name it, and we’ll have trivia from nearly every sport on our sports quiz app, SportsQwizz. From player records to tournament facts, to cool off-the-field trivia on your favorite stars.

We’ve got a quiz on each topic to satiate your thirst for sports knowledge. What’s better? We also add relatively unknown trivia to showcase how cross-cultural the world of sports really is?

For example, did you know that ace Indian tennis star, Vijay Amritraj, appeared in a James Bond film? Or that David Beckham has two uncredited Guy Ritchie movie roles?

Here’s Our APP SportsQwizz

Studies have shown that quizzing helps in making you remember stuff more effectively. When you bring in a competitive aspect, the human brain kicks in to help you retain the knowledge much better. In this way, SportsQwizz helps you in knowing and understanding the significance of the achievements of teams, players and more across different sports.

So when you’re watching a game with your friends, wow them with what you were able to learn through quizzing on SportsQwizz. Don’t just be a sports-viewer. Be a comprehensive sports enthusiast and be in the know-how of all things sports with SportsQwizz.

Ask yourself, isn’t it better to learn more about sports by playing a light, competitive game than by going over a table full of facts and figures. Isn’t it better to know that Just Fontaine’s 13 goals at the 1958 FIFA World Cup are the most in a single edition of the tournament than just that he scored 13 goals?

This is where SportsQwizz is different from all other sports quizzing apps. We don’t just believe in giving you a question and answer. We believe in increasing awareness and knowledge of the world of sports, through the platform of a competitive sports quizzing game!

The key to every great sports quiz or quiz app for that matter is proper categorization. And we’ve got you covered with our multiple sets of categories for each sport.

For football, we have dedicated categories for the Premier League and La Liga, considering their widespread popularity.

Think you know all there is to know about English top-flight football, then head over to SportsQwizz to test your knowledge and see where you stand among all the players in our global leaderboard.

You can even see where you stand in our weekly and monthly leaderboards as well.

More of a Messi, Ronaldo or player-centric fan in football? Well, SportsQwizz is the ideal sports quizzing app for yours. Play the game, and get to know more about the achievements and preferences of your favorite football superstars.

With the FIFA World Cup coming up this year, SportsQwizz happens to be the premier sports quiz app to brush up on your knowledge of the summer extravaganza.

Get playing, and get to know about how the Jules Rimet trophy was kept under a box during WWII, to save it from occupying forces. Or how teams traveled by boat to take part in the first World Cup in 1930. The potential to gain more knowledge is limitless, so start playing this unique sports quiz game!

In India though, how can we leave the cricket lovers behind? Featuring over 4000 questions over multiple categories and topics, SportsQwizz is the ultimate destination to go toe-to-toe against cricket trivia gurus.

See if you know who’s the highest scoring South African in Test cricket. Or the bowler with the most hat-tricks in the IPL. SportsQwizz is the best sports quizzing app for Cricket and more.

Quiz APP

Our questions are not just text-based, however. We even have a special picture quiz where you identify the given players on the screen. As you get better, the level of questions also gets better.

The more you play, the more you answer, the more you learn. That’s what makes SportsQwizz the ultimate sports quiz app out there.

  • While you might know a lot about cricket and football, do you know the basics of golf?
  • Or a better question, do you want to know more about how Golf is played?
  • Well, why not give it a shot by playing our quiz solely made to inform you about the basics of the game?

Pace yourself and get to know more about the sport with one of the richest histories out there. Play on our sports quiz app, and become a fan of a new sport altogether.

With Satnam Singh Bahara making his mark in the NBA, SportsQwizz is the right place for you to answer questions on LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry and more. From the Playoffs to the All-Star game, to player awards. Get ready to be an all-star quizzer and chart your course to becoming the MVP of sports quizzing.


Be the GOAT amongst your friends, when it comes to NBA trivia, and leave them reeling with your knowledge, the same way Kyrie Irving does with his crossovers.

That is not all, as SportsQwizz will also regularly host quizzes on upcoming sports events. The Australian Open in tennis, to the Melbourne Grand Prix, the Winter Olympics and more. SportsQwizz is the most comprehensive sports quiz app for you to know about the current happenings in the sports world!

So there you have it. SportsQwizz is the best of the best when it comes to curating and providing information and knowledge on all the happenings of the sports world.

Our goal is to be the preferred platform for you to spend time pursuing sports, and also challenging your friends from time-to-time in competing with you when it comes to sports knowledge.

The only thing that’s left is for you to start quizzing with SportsQwizz!

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